Raise Your Kids without Raising Your Voice

Since its initial publication, Raise Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice has swiftly become a favourite guide for parents. Radcliffe understands the challenges that parents face in the big and small tasks of raising kids. She offers stress-reduced strategies for gaining children’s cooperation, eliminating the need for anger and criticism. Gentle on both parent and child, these strategies can be easily learned and used by anyone.

Radcliffe also suggests practical ways to strengthen the essential bond between parent and child. Her communication tools foster love, acceptance and healthy boundaries. In addition, she shows parents how to help their kids deal with their emotions: handling disappointment, loss, fear, jealousy, anger and all the other human feelings. And she helps parents cope with the most challenging aspect of childrearing: their own feelings of helplessness, anxiety and stress. Simple and effective, written in a clear and accessible style, Raise Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice is the book that every parent needs.

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The Fear Fix : Solutions for Every Child’s Moments of Worry, Panic and Fear

While serious anxiety affects one in five children and teens, The Fear Fix: Solutions For Every Child's Moments Of Worry, Panic and Fearvirtually every child has anxious moments and frightened feelings. The Fear Fix approaches anxiety as a normal process of thinking and feeling that occurs naturally in people of all ages. Friendly and authoritative, the book helps parents understand the difference between “normal” and more serious anxiety so that parents know when professional help is required and when “home treatment” is appropriate.

Sarah Chana Radcliffe offers parents a wide range of interventions, layered in such a way as to offer parents as many useful options as possible to help their kids through all the small and large anxious moments that they will inevitably encounter. For this reason, Radcliffe gives parents three levels of intervention: things they can say and/or do in the moment that can help their youngster negotiate feelings of fear; fear-calming activities and exercises they can teach their child to use independently; and mind-body strategies they can use with their child in order to uproot the child’s fear at its source.

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Make Yourself at HomeMake Yourself at Home

In Make Yourself at Home, renowned family therapist and best-selling author Sarah

Chana Radcliffe uses her unique approach to show how your home can be the place where the whole family can grow and attain interpersonal harmony, inner peace, and true happiness.

How can a married couple learn to accept the intense differences that exist between them?
When should a parent step in and help her children, and when is it right to step back?
What can we do to keep our cool when dealing with the challenges of family life?
Does the perfect family exist? If it does, what does it look like?

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Harmony at Home

Harmony at Home

Family life is rewarding, exasperating, fulfilling, challenging, comforting, terrifying – and everything in-between! How do we make sense of it all and find harmony through the cacophony of intimate relationships, experiences and emotions? That’s the subject of “Harmony at Home.” Join me as I explore the path to wholeness through family life. Bite-size chapters go down easy, giving you time to reflect and digest. This is a book – like its predecessor “Make Yourself at Home,” to share and discuss with your spouse, and to implement. Informed by a Torah perspective, its timeless and universal message can be appreciated by all who want to enhance and enrich their family experience. Allow the words to jump off of the pages and into your heart – I have written them especially for you.




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