Parenting Articles


Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

Emotional intelligence is the ability to know one’s own inner world and be fully comfortable with it. It is also the ability to relate empathically to the inner world of other people.

Yell If You Want To

One of the really wonderful things about being human is our ability to choose freely. It’s up to us.

What is a Good Parent

Some people think that a good parent is someone who has “good” kids. The truth is, however, that good parents can have any kind of kids-well-behaved kids, poorly behaved kids, calm and confident kids, anxious kids, mentally ill kids, super achievers, underachievers, kids with health problems, kids with learning problems, gifted kids, average kids and all other kinds of kids.

The 2X-Rule

The quiet home uses quiet discipline. Discipline-meaning “teaching”-is a small but important part of childrearing. While helping children to operate within the world of boundaries and limitations, it also leads to character refinement and emotional health.