Client Information Page

The Nature of Counselling

Counselling aims to help reduce emotional distress and/or facilitate a problem-solving

process. Please feel free to ask questions at any time regarding your counselling experience. It is

helpful to keep the following points in mind as well:

  • Although the long-term goal of counselling is to resolve difficulties, there may be

temporary emotional discomfort in the counselling session when sensitive issues are


  • Counselling generally helps but can never offer a guarantee. Remember that there are

other types of professional services that may be helpful in addition to or instead of this

counselling process. Please ask about these. Remember, too, that leaving a problem

unresolved may, in certain circumstances, lead to a deterioration of the situation while in

other cases, a tolerable status quo may be maintained.


  • The counselling process ends when you feel you have attained your goals or when no

further progress is being made. It is helpful to evaluate progress on an on-going basis.

Many people return at times for further counselling as needed.


Office Procedure

Please make yourself comfortable in the waiting room. I will come for you when it is time

for our session.

There are washroom keys in the entrance hall and the washrooms are located directly

opposite the front door to the clinic. Please note that the clinic door will lock behind you when

you leave and you will need to ring again for entrance. If you are leaving the office, you can drop

the washroom key in the mail slot. Entrance to the clinic is by appointment only.

Sessions are 50 minutes long, including “paperwork” such as making payment and collecting receipts. You may wish to prepare you check in advance in order to best utilize your session.



Fees may be subject to change during the course of treatment. Couples sessions are

charged from the time of the scheduled appointment but do not actually start until both people

have arrived. Telephone sessions are charged at the standard rate . Payment is due each session.

There is a fee for all other services, such as photocopying, preparing reports, third party

telephone consultations, etc. You are responsible for the fee even if your insurance company is reimbursing these services. There is a service charge of $12.00 for N.S.F. cheques