Appointment Policies

How to Make, Change or Cancel Appointments

Please call (416) 785-8046 to make, change or cancel appointments. The telephone line is

available 24 hours a day. Your call will be returned as soon as possible (except on Saturdays).


How to Let Me Know That You”ll be a Few Minutes Late for Your Appointment

You can leave a message at (416) 785-8046 to notify me in advance of your appointment.

Alternatively, if the time for your scheduled appointment has already arrived (i.e. it is already your

appointment hour) you can call directly into the office at (416) 782-2049 and speak to me or leave a

voice mail. Please do not use this line for any other reason. This line can be found in the business section

of your telephone directory under the listing “OfficeSCR.”


Cancellation Policy

In order to cancel your session without having to pay for it, you must leave a message at (416)

785-8046, 48 business hours before your scheduled appointment.

Appointments cancelled after that period must be paid for if they cannot be filled. Therefore,

even if you must cancel on an hour’s notice, leave a message. We will try our best to fill your slot. Please

note: I cannot cancel appointments for you; if you have not left a message at (416) 785-8046, you will

be responsible for payment.

Sunday and Monday appointments must be cancelled by the previous Wednesday to allow a full

48 hours.

Please note: You must cancel appointments that fall on civic holidays because the office remains

open on those days. Failure to cancel may result in unnecessary charges. The office is closed on Jewish

holidays and you will be called to alert you in advance of those days.

Sometimes it may be possible for you to give generous advance notice of your cancellation – weeks

or days ahead of time. When you can do this, it helps people who are waiting for appointment slots.


How to Reach Me Personally Between Office Visits

I am generally unavailable outside of office hours. If you have a question you need to ask me,

please call (416) 785-8046; your message will be relayed to me and you will receive a reply as soon as

possible. If the matter is urgent I will try to return your call – most likely in the evening; telephone call

fees are based on the hourly rate. If you are having a true emergency, please go to the emergency room

of your local hospital.